Let’s Make the World a Better Place for our Children and Grandchildren to Inherit

There’s an ancient Chinese curse that goes, “May you live in interesting times.”

On many days, particularly when pondering global or national events, I see the deep wisdom in that curse. On other, more optimistic days, I sense the opportunities that today’s interesting times are presenting for humanity and today’s leaders.

Let’s start with a basic premise:  every organization, and in fact every individual, has the obligation to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren to inherit.

It’s that simple. Responsible for Making the World A Better Place for Children and Grandchildren

It is also a huge responsibility.

But unfortunately we live today where the trust levels for businesses, corporations, governments, politicians, business leaders, and just about every other formal institution at or near all-time lows.

It is time to change this, through a renewed focus across the spectrum on Accountability, Ethics, and Responsibility.

These will be the themes of The Responsibility Blog. We will apply these themes not just to corporations, but to corporate leaders, political leaders, community leaders, and individuals.

Beware the Illusion of Certainty

My now-retired first boss after college recently wrote to a group of former colleagues discussing and disagreeing about recent events, “There’s a seed of wisdom in this for all of us anxious about the events of our own times and frustrated with others who differ.”

He also cautioned that “A good first step is to beware the illusion of certainty,” particularly in light of the polarizing and fragmented messages conveyed through traditional media and social media in today’s world.

That’s sound advice. I know that I personally have views, opinions, and even beliefs about how government, corporate, organizational, social, and religious leaders handle their responsibilities and duties to us constituents, components of society, and members of the human race.

I also know that my opinions, views, and beliefs may not be widely shared at all times by the people with whom I regularly interact. That’s fine, for I have found over the years that the views, opinions, and beliefs of others will either modify or entrench my own. Either way is beneficial.

Hence I welcome the views, opinions, and beliefs of others to be shared here. I seek a spirited dialogue, as long as it is without acrimony, name calling, or divisive rhetoric. While I will moderate comments I will happily share those that differ from my own, again provided these are written without rancor or laced with hatred-spewing or defamatory verbiage.

Let’s start a dialogue on bring accountability, ethics, and responsibility back into our world as core universal values. I look forward to you joining me in this dialogue with your thoughts, ideas, comments, and suggestions.

Additionally, guest bloggers are welcome to submit articles that touch upon any of our three focus areas:  responsibility, accountability, and ethics. Please contact me (ResponsibiityBlog@CalienteLeadership.com) to propose a guest blog.

Together, let’s leave the world a better place for our children and grandchildren to inherit.

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